University of The Holy Qur’an and Islamic Sciences (Sudan) Fourth Meeting Of The Council For Strategic Planning And Future Foresight At The University Of The Holy Quran And Islamic Sciences

The fourth meeting of the Council for Strategic Planning and Future Foresight at the University of the Holy Quran and Islamic Sciences was held on Sunday in the hall of the Nileen Mosque in Omdurman under the chairmanship of Prof. Saralkham Othman Al-Amin, Rector of the University, President of the Council, in the presence of his deputy, Prof. Tayeb Mahmoud Abdul Qader, Dr. Hassan Abdul Wahab, Director of the Strategic Planning Department, and Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Abkar, Acting Vice President of the University and members of the Council.

The meeting discussed a number of topics on its agenda – where the minutes of the previous meeting were approved and its facts reviewed, and the various units of the university have clarified their position in what they presented in the previous report.

The meeting approved the October reports of this year after 25 reports were submitted to the units of the university

Prof. Saralkham Osman Al-Amin, Rector of the University, expressed his thanks to all units and centers of the University for this effort and great work carried out during this period, stressing that next year the situation will be better, God willing, with the efforts exerted, plans and good faith in God.   .