University of Kassala (Sudan) The President Of The University Meets The President Of The University Council And Handed Over To Him The Initiative Of The University Of Kassala

On Monday 7/3/2022, a bilateral meeting was held at the Office of the President of the University, which included the President of the University Council, Brigadier General(M) / Mutasim Babiker Ahmed Jaafar, Mayorof Kassala City, and the Rector of the University,Dr. Youssef Al-Amin Youssef Ibrahim, within the framework of the salary and periodic meetings and the tireless pursuit of the President of the University to improve the environment at the university for the desired¬†stability. Mr. Khojaly Hamad Abdullahfor this building recently, which will continue work to complete it through the East Emaar Fund from this year’s budget in addition to completing the building of the College of Engineering. The President of the University was briefed on the initiative of the University of Kassala to improve and stabilize the status of the university professor under the slogan (the stability of the professor is the key to sustainable development) and he was handed the initiative. The President of the Council also approved the estimated share above the planned numbers of admission, which was granted by the university in the scientific and literary fields for rural students in the state, and the President of the Council also promised to move the committees of the Council, especially the Support Committee for university projects materially and in kind, and work to improve the university environment and provide the necessary aids to increase production and provide a distinguished service to the community.