University of Kassala (Sudan) UQU President Inspects The Progress Of The Exams Of The College Of Islamic Studies At The Eastern Complex

On Monday 7/3/2022, the Rector of Kassala University,Dr. Youssef Al-Amin Yousef Ibrahim, accompanied by the Executive Director of the Office of the Director,Prof. Muhammad TaherYaqoub, paid an inspection visit to the progress of the second level exams, the second semester of 2018, the second level students, the first semester of 2019, the third level of 2017, and the fourth level of 2016 for all disciplines at the College of Islamic Studies, numbering more than (300) students, and they were received by the Dean of the College of Islamic Studies. Dr. Omar Osman Mohamed Osman During the visit, the President of the University was assured of providing aids for students to take their exams and to sit down. He wished them progress, success and excellence in exams. The director also stressed the interest in the environment, especially that the college has enough space to add everything that helps to create the environment for the comfort of the student and in providing all the necessary aids for the comfort of students to perform their exams in an excellent manner, indicating that the main goal at this stage is to pay attention to the student academically in appreciation of the circumstances that delayed him a lot and disengage the accumulation of payments, especially the second level, class of 2018. He valued the role of professors and their commitment to monitoring and the accuracy of organizing examination committees and faculty employees*. * The Dean of the College of Islamic Studies, Dr. Omar Osman Mohamed Osman, confirmed this. However, the exams are proceeding according to what was planned and without any obstacles, thanking the university administration for their visit to the college and inspecting the progress of the exams, and it had a good impact on the hearts of professors, observers and students. He appreciated the role of professors, examination committees and workers for the great effort made to comfort students and perform their exams satisfactorily, and explained that the college has four specializations: the Qur’an and its sciences – the Sunnah and the sciences of hadith – Islamic faith and thought – advocacy and Islamic culture.