University of Kordofan (Sudan) First Undersecretary of the Federal Ministry of Finance meets the Director of Kordofan University

Professor Abdullah Muhammad Abdullah, Director of Kordofan University, held a meeting with Dr. Abdullah Ibrahim Ali, First Undersecretary of the Federal Ministry of Finance, with the participation of Professor Tariq Sheikh Haj Mahmoud, a well-known economist, a faculty member at the University of Kordofan, and Dr. Hassan Ibrahim Mufaddal, the university’s advisor. The university director gave a detailed explanation about The University of Kordofan, its faculties and specializations, addressing the social and economic service represented by the university in North Kordofan State, establishing centers of economic feasibility that contribute to the country’s national income and improving production through scientific methods. Higher Education and Scientific Research. Dr. Bashir Omar Mohamed Fadlallah, President of the University Council, had earlier stressed the importance of the Oilseeds Research and Consultation Center for the sustainability of national income.