University of Khartoum (Sudan) – Sudan Flood Emergency Response Project

Researchers from the Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Mathematical Sciences are collaborating with researchers from Lancaster University Management School and Universitas Indonesia in a research project that addresses the large scale flood disaster preparedness and response in Sudan and Indonesia. This research, RESilient Emergency Preparedness for Natural Disaster Response through OR (RESPOND-OR), aims to develop and implement mathematical models and solution algorithms that provides local stakeholders in Sudan and Indonesia with a reliable and efficient automated decision support system (DSS). The co-investigators from University of Khartoum are: Dr. Hisham M. Abushama, Faculty of Mathematical Sciences, and Dr. Hiba Hassan Sayed Mohamed Ali, Faculty of Engineering, with Dr. Khalid Abdellah Elbadawi, Faculty of Mathematical Sciences, as the main Research Assistant.

The project tackles three major research areas:

  • Mathematical modelling
  • Algorithmic developments and computational aspects
  • Data management and visualization