International University of Africa (Sudan) The Commencement Of The Program “Week Of The Holy Quran” For New Students Of The University.

The commencement of the program “Week of the Holy Quran” for new students of the university.

The commencement of the program “Week of the Holy Quran” for new students of the university on Sunday morning 6/10/2019 in the University where male students have attended Alrauda while the female student have been organized in the women student Center.

When we talk about the Qur’an and its greatness and the blessing as well as mercies behind this true religion and affinity towards one spreading love and honest in the society and believing in only one Lord that integrated and embodied the message of the university through this scene.

This is a great wonder of the astonishment, accuracy and professionalism to those who supervise this program to be in the best image and reputation to achieve the destination so that new students learn about the university’s mission and vision as well as its different modules along with its curriculum based on moderation.

The University`s deputy vice chancellor academic and cultural affairs Professor Musa Taha Tayallah, make an addressed during the opening session of the Holy Quran Week program at the Female Students Center, expressing that the university distinguishes such programs listing the virtuous values ​​and meanings of the Holy Quran and its tolerant values, pointing out that there are many graduates of this university that take the missionaries activities who are calling to the way of Allah.

Describing the curriculum followed in the university which is teaches tolerance and taking action in a very gentle manner.

He later recommended the students over some important commandments that help them in their life and thereafter, that they should be more keen to memorize the Holy Quran and its interpretation, its sciences and meanings and also recommended them to be diligence in academic and cognitive achievement. Lastly he assured students that the university is your university, it was established for you and we are honored to be your servants until the day you return to your family.