SUDUNiSDGs is managed by various teams from Sudan and across the world. Together with WASD core teams in the UK, many people working as one team participating in the successful implementation of SUDUNiSDGs, including Experts Advisory Board, Regional/Country/University coordinators, academics, researchers, students, administrators, volunteers, partners and others from Sudan and around the world and we continue looking for new talented and committed colleagues to join our SUDUNiSDGs. To join our team and for all enquiries, please contact Sudan Office Director Dr. Shahinaz Osman (

Call for Coordinators

We are looking for University Coordinators who will be interested to support the SUDUNiSDGs initiative in Sudan. As a University Coordinator you will be provided with full support by WASD including all template and letters ready to use with universities, colleges and research institutions. You will also be provided by all promotional and marketing material and anything else you require.

Duties and responsibilities of the coordinators includes following:

  • Promote SUDUNiSDGs in your institution and across Sudan. In doing so please promote SUDUNiSDGs scope and focus, relevant conference and promotional opportunities, market insights, and best university nominations. You can also promote SUDUNiSDGs by sharing new content alerts with your networks and recommending SUDUNiSDGs to your university’s information professional.
  • Act as SUDUNiSDGs ambassador to help spread the word about the initiative at conferences or in discussions with interested colleagues/contacts, remember social media is an excellent tool particularly during the global lockdown.
  • Liaise with your other Coordinators (where applicable) in all matters, particularly selection of universities and recommendations for inclusion of any particular research centre and/or individual researcher in the platform.
  • Develop a list of reviewers and assessors with their particulars: i.e., name, title, institutional affiliation, mailing and e-mail addresses, telephone and fax numbers. We will need to acknowledge all reviewers and assessors in all our publications at a later stage.
  • Act as a strategy advisor and provides feedback by sharing helpful criticism/information with other Coordinators to assist in the development and direction of SUDUNiSDGs:
    • Subject expertise: is Regional Coordinators meeting the needs of universities, colleges, research institutions and governments.
    • Direction for SUDUNiSDGs: SUDUNiSDGs Executive Team and the Advisory Board should together define goals for SUDUNiSDGs and set strategies.
    • Competition: how are the competitors doing in Sudan particularly the various ranking and indexing organisations?
    • Ideas and innovations.
    • Assessing SUDUNiSDGs situation: what is working or not? What characteristics of SUDUNiSDGs should we maintain?

Benefits for successful University Coordinators includes but not limited to the followings:

  • An official appointment letter from WASD as a University Coordinator and Ambassador for SUDUNiSDGs.
  • As a Coordinator you will be acknowledge in all publications (online and printed) relating to SUDUNiSDGs.
  • You will receive a 50% discount of WASD annual conference registration fee provided that you manage to register at least 3 universities, colleges and/or research institution from Sudan (individual Coordinators) excluding your own organisation or at least 5 universities, colleges and/or research institution excluding your own organisations in the case of more than one Coordinator.
  • If you manage to register more than 5 universities, colleges and/or research institution in Sudan (individual Coordinators) or more than 8 universities, colleges and/or research institution (Co-Coordinators) excluding your own organisations then we are happy to waive your entire registration fee for the event you planning to attend.
  • Outstanding contribution certificate that can be displayed in your office.