National University Sudan
The National University, Sudan (NUSU) is a private university approved and accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education in Sudan and runs undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across a range of medical and health-related areas, as well as in Engineering, Business, Accounting and Information Technology (IT). It also delivers doctorate programmes. The vision of NUSU is to be a world-class leading provider of higher education in Sudan. Its mission is to constantly strive to provide efficient and best-in-class professionals in their specialities, to meet and exceed customer needs and expectations, and to stay ahead of the competition.

We are very pleased to announce that WASD is in the final stages to launch an exciting Global MBA across the world in collaboration with the National University Sudan. We are hoping to launch the programme this year 2021 and more details will follow very soon. 

In collaboration with the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research and the Faculty of Administrative Sciences of the National University Sudan, WASD is very pleased to be given the opportunity to help the National University delivering its flagship Master of Business Administration (MBA) seven programmes. In doing so, WASD will provide an international team of  distinguished professors and world leaders educators from across the world to teach various programmes of the MBA core courses and the specialised courses for the seven different pathways. WASD will deliver all courses will be taught English language. The entire programme will be delivered remotely online to all students across the world. The National University is a highly respected university in Sudan accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Sudan and is the only Sudanese private university accredited by the British Accreditation Council. in the United Kingdom. 

Success in business, not like ever before, requires an innovative thinking and appropriate skills to comply with the imperatives and conditions of the era of knowledge, globalization and international trade.

  • Provide training opportunities at master level in management for university staff  and for seekers of professionalism.
  • Familiarize the potential candidacy of the programme with concepts and principles of management.
  • Empower the business sector in Sudan with qualified personnel in management.
  • Prepare the Sudanese industry for competitive globalization and international trade.

Upon completion of the programme, successful candidates should be able to: 

  • Identify and solve organizational problems by systematic and analytical decision-making approaches.
  • Identify personnel values and their effect on decision-making within an organization.
  • Evaluate the compliance of plans and actions with the organization’s values.
  • Manage personnel to meet changing organizational needs in business environment.
  • Evaluate the implications of changing environment on organization’s choices.
More details about the programme will be available very soon but in the meantime, please feel free to contact me or the MBA Programme Senior Coordinator Ms Janet Snow ( if you have any question and/or you need any help with your application. Local enquires within Sudan can be directly directly by visiting the University or contact Dr. Omer Gibreel, Dean, Faculty of Administrative Sciences, National University Sudan