University of Gezira (Al Jazirah)- The Charitable Fund For Drivers At the University of Gezira Honors the Nile Bank And the University Administration

The charitable fund for drivers at the University of Gezira honored, the administration of the Nile Bank in Wad Medani and the administration of the University of Gezira.  The Drivers Fund honored the Vice Chancellor of the University of Gezira , his deputy, the principle of the University, the director of the Nile Bank, his deputy, the director of the investment department at the bank, the dean of the Faculty of Medicine, his deputy, the director of the services department, the director of financial department, the director of the human resources department and the director of the media department at the University.  The Vice Chancellor of the University Professor Mohammed Taha Yousif congratulated the drivers Charity Fund for the services its has provides to the university employees,  Despite the short period of formation and scarcity of financial resources, stressing that the university administration appreciates their continued efforts. Taha said that their relationship with the Nile Bank is strong, indicating that the coming period will witness the activation of a number of cooperation agreements and he pledged to harness the university’s capabilities for the benefit of projects to reduce the burden of living for university employees and also promised to assist the Fund In the implementation of the projects that presented and adopted. For her part, Deputy Director of the Nile Bank Ustaz. Fadwa Mohammad  confirmed their willingness to contribute to humanitarian and social work besid the projects aimed to reducing the burden on the university’s employees through the Driver Fund, Noting that Nile Bank is in the process of studying all the projects submitted by the university through the bank’s investment department. In the same context the Head of the charitable fund for drivers, Ustaz. Nasr El-Din Hamdatallah thanked the university administration and the Nile Bank for the aid they provided to the fund declaring that the coming period will witness the implementation of more projects explaining that the fund’s plan contains large projects that need to be supported by the University administration and the management of the Nile Bank. The Fund had  inaugurated this morning the distribution of the Prophet’s birthday sweets free of charge to its membership and in installments to the University’s employees in the presence of the Director of the Services Department and the Director of the Media and Public Relations Department at the University.


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