El Imam El Mahdi University ( White Nile)- University’s Progressive Resumption on September 6, 2020

The Emergency Deans Council was convened on Sunday, August 23, 2020 in the university administration building. It was determined to recommence lectures for new students and final year students, where the Council ensured the resumption of study for new first-level students accepted for the academic year 2019-2020 on 6/9/2020 for all faculties.

It was also decided the resumption of lectures for graduates of the following faculties; Nursing Sciences, Medicine, batch (20), Engineering and Technical Studies, Public Health, Arts and Humanities. Examination schedules for final year students in the faculties; Sharia, Law, Economics, Laboratory Sciences will be shared soon.

As for the Faculty of Human Development, lectures will be resumed for all years.

Students shall check the announcements board in their perspective faculties as well as the university’s official website to find out the courses and examination timelines.

The Council has also insured the necessity to follow up the health prevention instructions whereas entrance in only for the mentioned students and that by presenting their university ID to enter the campus and residential complexes.


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